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Public Services International press release on Biwater

Public Services International, the global federation of trade unions representing 20 million public service workers, condemns Biwater, a privately-owned multinational company, for attempting to silence democratic debate about water privatisation in South Africa.

Detailed research report on Biwater prepared by the Public Services Privatisation Research Unit

Biwater Plc are trying to censor LabourNet, and an important campaign it has publicised, by using legal threats to attempt to completely remove from the Internet items associated with the South African Municipal Workers' Union's fight against water privatisation. In particular, Biwater is trying to remove all traces and references to an article published in the South African Mail and Guardian newspaper that has never been the subject of any libel action and whose author, Eddie Koch, fully stands by the article.

Biwater believe they can frighten service providers into dropping perfectly legitimate material that is available without restriction elsewhere by threats of law suits for substantial damages.

Let's prove them wrong!

Support free speech on the Internet!

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